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SNiP and GOST Library

Rules, Regulations, PRICE, PRICE LISTS
sanitary, hygienic, veterinary rules, norms departmental rules STATE estimate standards Federal unit prices building codes and regulations building regulations, norms UNIFORM STANDARDS AND PRICE Rules Norma Local building regulations
DOCUMENTS forms of documents, records
forms of documents PAPERWORK Road Transport
national and international standards
Standard of the USSR GOST R ST SEV ISO industry standard ISO NATIONAL STANDARD enterprise standards, standards of the Association the International Electrotechnical Commission RECOMMENDATION ITU: International Telecommunication Union National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) format specification, interfaces, protocols SPECIFICATIONS DIN WIPO Standard AVOK STANDARD organization standards
INSTRUCTIONS, order, position, guidelines, recommendations
NOTES Instructions to PROCEDURE recommendations on standardization, metrology RECOMMENDATIONS Recommendations demand STEERING technical material MANUAL REGULATIONS job descriptions types of document technical recommendations technological regulations Recommendations on interstate standardization guide Safety Guide guidance material
GUIDANCE, guidelines, methodologies
methodical documentation in Construction GUIDELINES metrology guidelines and recommendations PROCEDURE GUIDELINES training program SURVEY BRANCH ROAD PROCEDURE lists, registers
Guide to snip, SP, CH, VSN
BOOKS Guide to the BCH Guide to CH Guide to SP Guide to snip
guidance document
GOZGORTECHNADZOR GOSKOMLESPROM MINISTERSTOV ECONOMY Ministry of Interior GOSSTROY GOSATOMNADZOR Ministry of Energy Ministry of Electrical Engineering Ministry of Transport Standards Committee the Ministry of Communications ROSHYDROMET Technical Commission ROSKOMDRAGMET Ministry of Agriculture MINISTRY OF HEALTH Rosmorflot RAO UES RUSSIAN Ministry of Machine ROSTEKHNADZOR Ministry of Water Resources ROSENERGOATOM
REFERENCE, SIGNS, classifiers, SOFTWARE, registry
single tariff-skilled manual skilled manual Russian Classifier sectoral and union classification SIGNS, LISTS regulations and standards reference books, collections, reference tables, charts, bulletins CHANGES TO Russian Classifier tariff-qualifying characteristics industry standards issue of special clothing PROGRAM lists, registers, regulations types of passports, PROJECTS directory CONSULTATION
laws, decrees, resolutions, letters, INSTRUCTIONS
The United Nations (UN) Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Council of Economic VZAIMOPOSCHI (CMEA) Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTS the Russian Federation (RF) THE PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA RUSSIAN STATE DUMA (the Armed Forces) (FS RF) THE GOVERNMENT OF RUSSIA Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Ministry) Ministry of Defense Ministry of Interior ARHITEKUTRY MINISTRY AND CONSTRUCTION Ministry of Atomic Industry MINISTRY OF HEALTH Ministry of Property MINISTRY OF INFORMATION AND PRESS Ministry of Housing (MINKOMHOZ) Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) Ministry of Antimonopoly Policy the Ministry of Taxes and Duties (State Tax) (SFNP) Ministry of Energy Ministry of Culture Ministry of Technology and Science Ministry of Education (MOE) Ministry of Nature and Environment the Ministry of Communications Ministry of Agriculture Ministry of Social Welfare SPORT MINISTRY Ministry of Transport Ministry of Labour (Goskomtrud) Ministry of Finance MINISTRY OF ECONOMY MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY Ministry of Justice Ministry of Emergency Situations GOSSTANDART GOZGORTECHNADZOR state-owned banks (Bank of Russia) FFOMS SCC State Fisheries Committee Ministry of Foreign Trade (IBEC) Goskomsanepidnadzor (GLAVVETINSPEKTOR) MINISTRY OF TRADE GOSCOMSTAT (CSB) GOSTELEKOM RAO ES Gazprom Pension Fund (PF RF) ROSPATENT (Goskomizobreteniy) ROSKOMZEM chief state sanitary doctor (GOSSANVRACH) Russian Federal Border Service Ministry of Railways (MPS) GOSKOMDRAGMET Glavgossvyaznadzor State Committee on Ecology STATE PROPERTY COMMITTEE RF FEC RF FDR PKKN CEC State Arbitration (SAC) State Committee State Fisheries Committee FSB RF GOSTEHKOMMISSIYA GOSATOMNADZOR PROSECUTOR GENERAL`S OFFICE the Federal Migration Service Roskartography Rosarchiv MINPISCHEPROM State Insurance Roskomnedra Goskomsever GOSARHSTROYNADZOR GOSKOMTORG GLAVGOSENERGONADZOR ROSLESKHOZ GOSKOMMETALURGII GOKHRAN Gossnab MPTR FSS Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service, FSVT Russian Federation Rosmorflot SSF RF ROSHYDROMET ROSKOMTSEN HPS RF

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